About us


Lift Creative is a Lancaster web design agency, specialising in Squarespace. 

Founded by designer Sarah Longworth and based in the North-West of England, we are a small team of designers and developers with a love of all things Squarespace.

We’ve been designing exclusively with Squarespace for many years and we love the creative tools, the mobile-ready templates and the intuitive user-interface. As experienced designers and coders however we also know there are times when a little more flexibility is required. 

Lift does just that. 

Our extensive background in development means that we can create the perfect bespoke solution for your Squarespace site. Let us help you create something unique.

Need some help with Squarespace?

Whether you need an hour support call over Skype to fix issues with your website, or if you are looking for a freelance Squarespace designer, please get in touch. We'd love to help.

Sarah Longworth, Owner and Lead Designer.

Sarah Longworth, Owner and Lead Designer.

We booked an hour’s Squarespace help over Skype and Lift solved the issues we were struggling with, plus made some great suggestions for optimising our site. Many thanks!
— Andrew M.