How we work

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, to produce a stunning website and give you full confidence in mastering the Squarespace tools.

Step 1 - Project Start

To begin your project we ask you to complete our project enquiry form to learn more about you. From there we will give you a call over the phone or skype to meet you and have a chat in general about your hopes for your new Squarespace site. If you are local to our office in the North-West we love to meet clients in person!

Step 2 - Blocking production time

Together we'll establish a production timeline that works for everyone. We believe it's important to have a clear production timeline worked out with you from the very start, and we will ensure you're fully informed at all times on the progress of your  website, with design reviews held regularly.

Step 3 - Content

We request that the outline of your content is provided to us before the design gets underway. We believe that design follows content and we can't truly give you an effective design without your content. We provide a complimentary document to help you organise your copy, and if you need further assistance with preparing this, or with content writing, we can discuss with you at the start of your project.

Step 4 - Design review

We will prepare two different Squarespace designs for you which we review together over the phone. You can tell us elements that you like and anything you would like to change. Your initial template selection will be agreed upon at this point and we'll have a solid direction to further develop and revise.

Step 5 - Proceed with design, content edits and track towards launch.

We then proceed to develop your design, continuing to collaborate closely with you.

Step 6 - Launch

When the site is ready we ask you to do a full review, and we'll also do our own quality assurance and testing. We'll request your DNS information (if you need to purchase this or a domain we can help!) and we'll launch your beautiful new Squarespace site to the world!

Post Launch

We provide a comprehensive Squarespace training video with both our packages. This explains the set-up of your site and you can refer back to this at any point. We always follow up with our clients after launch to see how you're getting on and if you need anything. We're only ever a phone call away, and if you need on-going work on your site, content entry, product entry, you can talk to us about our maintenance packages.