Squarespace for photographers

At Lift Creative, as well as being Squarespace experts we're also keen photographers. We offer in-house product photography and studio photography services for our clients, and Sarah, our lead designer is also a professional wedding photographer.

We've also designed for  many photographers over the years,  so we thought we'd list some of the reasons why we feel Squarespace is the best platform for a photography website.

Let's start with a few of our core design principles when designing a photography website.

We firmly believe that the photography should always be allowed to speak for itself. Keeping the site clean and free from any unnecessary clutter, the focus should be on the images and any design elements should support the images rather than detract from them. We've seen a definite move towards lots of whitespace, light backgrounds and subtle use of colours in photographers portfolios of late. Not to say that you can't be experimental and playful, but subtle is key.

Displaying image galleries in Squarespace

Squarespace for photographers

In terms of displaying work in Squarespace, let's start with the Squarespace gallery block.

You have the option to display   images in a slideshow, a carousel, a grid or stacked. With grid and the stacked view, it's possible for visitors to  view images in a pop-up lightbox which is a really great piece of functionality. In a few clicks you can toggle between the different gallery layout options and get an immediate preview of how this will look.

No headaches installing plugins as with other platforms and cms (we're mentioning no names...!)

Gallery design options

Squarespace for wedding photographers

Once you've chosen your gallery layout, clicking the 'Design' tab will bring up a panel of design options for your chosen layout. You can play with different aspect ratios for your images, crop images, give images a title or caption and tweak the layout in lots of other ways. 

The Image Block

Squarespace image block

Squarespace also has many design options when adding individual images to a page. Even more styling options were recently released, which give even more creative options when laying out individual images, particularly when adding text or captions.

We especially like the 'Overlap' design, this lets you offset text over an image and can be tweaked in the style editor.

The best Squarespace templates for photographers

We often get feedback from clients who have started Squarespace accounts themselves that they simply don't know which template to start with. It can be quite overwhelming at first! 

For photographers right now we're really loving the following templates:








You're off to a good start with any of the templates in the photography category on the Squarespace site. But we tend to prefer the ones above as they give us a little more layout flexibility on all pages, such as home pages, about pages and contact pages, still with all the great gallery and image display functionality of the Squarespace blocks.

Ease of updating

In addition to all the design benefits, Squarespace is intuitive and easy to use as an administrator, making it a simple process for our clients to manage their own sites going forward. We've worked with pretty much all the main platforms out there, Wordpress etc, and we can safely say that our clients have picked up the tools and been much more confident after our training sessions with Squarespace. Being able to quickly upload new images to your portfolio or make a blog post is essential to photographers, so definitely another plus point for Squarespace.

If you're a photographer looking for a Squarespace site, drop us a line. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions regarding Squarespace for photography.

sarah longworth