Acuity Scheduling for Squarespace

This week Squarespace rolled out a fantastic new feature - the Acuity block. For anyone needing to embed an Acuity appointment calendar on their Squarespace site, the new Acuity block makes this a simple and straightforward procedure - no code needed!

To embed an Acuity calendar to your Squarespace site, select 'a new block' on your page and navigation to 'MORE' - the Acuity block is here, bottom right:

how to embed acuity with squarespace

If you already have an Acuity account, simply add the link to your online scheduling page, calendar or appointment type. This can be found when logged in your Acuity account on the Client Scheduler page.

acuity integration squarespace

Alternatively if you don't already have an account with Acuity you can sign up directly though the Squarespace block. Important to note that Squarespace/Acuity are currently offering a discount on certain Acuity plans for anyone signing up this way before May 31st 2017, so worth considering! You can read the full Squarespace documentation for this block here.

Especially great for clients in Education/Tutoring, Wellness, Counselling to name but a few. This update has made adding scheduling to your Squarespace site super simple.

sarah longworth